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Aviation Training At Soroti Flying School In Uganda. Print
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East Africa’s first aeronautical institute is 41 years old this year and still offering top- flight courses to both the region’s citizens and others , reports ERIC MWITI


ver wanted a career in aviation, or are you just fascinated by flying?

Weather your interest is in becoming a pilot or an aircraft engineer; you will want to read more about The Saroti Flying School.

Located in Soroti, Soroti District, Teso sub-region, in Eastern Uganda, the Sorotii Flying School was established in 1971 with the aim of training pilots and aircraft engineers for the East African market.

Appraisals for training programmes were done and equipment provided through the assistance of the UNDP International Civil Aviation Organization (UNDP-ICAO).

This saw the institution get linked to others outside East Africa, developing into a center of excellence recognized by education regulators all over the world, and has since graduated over 600 pilots and engineers, among other Aviation professional personnel.

The academy is based in Soroti airport, which was built as a training school for the British Overseas Airways Corporation (BOAC, the precursor of British Airways ) to train their pilots in tropical flying techniques.

The airport has the third longest tarmac runways in Uganda, at 6,100ft (1,900m) and the longest paved runway in the country, measuring 12,000 ft (3,700m) . It is capable of handling jets the size of Boeing 737s.

It is in this airport that the Soroti Flying School provides training through instrument and multi-engine ratings.


Training aircraft for the school are available up to Cessna 310, which, even though is no longer in production, remains one of the most popular twin engine aircraft in the world.

The school sits on over 500 acres of land. Built within soroti town, the academy presents atmosphere of serenity that is enhanced by the flatness of the terrain, this being one of the major reasons why Soroti was selected to act as the home to the first East African aeronautical institute.

The regions topography offers an abundance of possibilities for forced landings ,of which there has been only one in the academy’s four-decade –long life time.

The weather here varies between extreme heat (temperature reading of up to 40 degrees centigrade) and mild thunderstorms and this offer ideal conditions to get cadet pilots used to operating from hot Airfield’s to judging adverse weather conditions.

The Ugandan Government’s Department of meteorology also maintains a fully equipped weather station at Soroti Airport.

When it comes to accommodation, the school is equipped with 108 fully-furnished rooms which accommodate a cadet each.

These are arranged under two dormitory blocks that include screened shower booths, making the rooms suitable for both male and female cadets, two rest lounges, each fitted with a digital satellite TV and a Video deck.

A fully- equipped kitchen is also maintained to provide modern catering services, offering a fully balanced diet of five meals a day. To meet international aviation training requirements, the diet is high on animal protein, which makes up close to 80% of the weakly diet!

Recreation is also provided for as a student may select from a variety of sporting activities such as basketball, football, lawn, and table tennis, volleyball and swimming, among others. A reaction hall is also available, with a sitting capacity of 500 people. When it comes to the learning facilities , the school has access to a 1860 m hard-surface runway , a 900m murram runway, a fully -equipped control tower , a full fire- and rescue service , Doppler D VOR,D ME and ND B navigation aids, a 125 kw standby generator to ensure steady power supply ,a service single-engine Cessna C172 aircraft , one twin engine Cessna C 310 aircraft , two simulators or flight training devices to supplement flight training , and , for engineering three non- flyable aircraft , three workshops and two hangers for engineering training and aircraft maintenance , seven classrooms , a cinema room and library for theoretical studies.


With the Uganda Civil Aviation Authority as the licensing Authority, the school offers a variety of courses to both citizens and international students.

Kampala has been urged to renovate the school by a variety of stake holders and complete its plan to rehabilitate and up grade four airfields into airport. These are Soroti, Gulu, Kasese and Arua.

Considering how much the region has grown from the time this institution was born, it is clear that more attention ought to be paid to it and more rersources directed towards its growth and maintenance.

The Government recently had renovation plans that would see $ 900,000 spent on repairs acquisition of new computers and soft ware and the purchase of up to six training aircraft.

This will be a much-needed lifeline for a flying school whose name has traveled far beyond eastern African’s borders for reasons both good and otherwise.

With this training institution in East Africa it makes its affordable and nearer whereby guardians and parents can have a close visit and even visit the school to check on the progress on the student.Soroti flying school in Uganda is one of the recognized pilot training school, air traffic controllers and aircraft engineering courses in East Africa region fully licensed and recognized internationally at very affordable fees. East Africa is becoming one of the most fast growing region in aviation and air transport with various aviation course being offered to school leavers at “O” level and degree level with most experienced lecturers in all the fields.

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