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You are here: Home Flight News Aviation Training School At East Africa School Of Aviation Nairobi,Kenya.
Aviation Training School At East Africa School Of Aviation Nairobi,Kenya. Print
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The sky is only the lower limit


The East African School of Aviation (EASA) in one of the 16 Worldwide Civil Aviation Training Centers (CATCS) recognized by International Civil Aviation Authority Organization (ICAO) and among only three on the African Continent.

EASA was established in 1954 and is a department of the Kenya civil Aviation Authority (KCAA) which exercises regulation of the Aviation in Kenya.



1. Air Traffic Control

Basic Aerodrome, Aerodrome Control, Approach (Non Radar Control) , Approach Radar Control, Area / Airways Control (Non Radar), Area Control (Rador),Search and Rescue , Area Radar Conservation, Reduced Vertical Separation Minimum, ACASII/ TCASII and Area Airways Course (Non Radar ) Refresher

2. Ais / Map Courses

Aeronautical information Services (AIS) ICAO 021, AIS Supervisory Management IAS Cartography ( Conventional ) ,AIP / MAP Management , FLT PLN for General Aviation , AIS Refresher , advanced ,AIS Cartography (Digital).

3. Aviation Security Courses ( ICAO)

ASTP 123 / AVSEC –Basic Supervisors , Instructor , Certification ,Crisis Management ,Security Exercises , National Inspectors Course, Cargo & mail security.

WORKSHOPS- National Civil Aviation Security Training Program, screeners, Certification, Quality control, Airport security program, National civil Aviation Security program.

4. Radio Maintenance

Radio maintenance course, maintenance certification, Equipment maintenance management.

ILS maintenance

Course Content

Introduction to ILS System, modulation theory –AM General Antenna Theory, Signal generation in the ILS system, Radiators in the ILS system ACAO-ILS requirements and recommendations.

Practical Exercises on preventive and corrective maintenance.

Duration: 10 weeks, Tuition fees: US$1700

Radar Maintenance Course

Introduction to radar system and safety, Primary Radar Operation, Transmitter Preventive maintenance ,Receiver preventive and corrective maintenance video extractor preventive and corrective maintenance, Display unit corrective maintenance.

Duration: 12 weeks, Tuition fees: US $2000

5. Microprocessors and Microcomputers

Course content

Flow chart ,Review of number system ,Binary Octal, Hexade, cimal and BCD and base conversions Arithtimetic Binary numbers , one’s Twos compliment ,character encoding the ASCII code computer layout.

Duration: 10 weeks, Tuition fees: Us $ 2000

6. CNS / ATM Workshop

Course content

Current system overview, History of CNS/ATM development, Future communication, Navigation and Surveillance systems, strategy and rationale for implementing CNS/ATM systems.

Target Group

Intended for personnel at the middle and senior level of management working witg an air navigation services providers etc. who formulate and/ or influence policy in civil aviation system development.

Duration: 6 weeks, Tuition fees US $ 500

7. Advance NAVAIDS maintenance

Course content

The course provides training on ground check to prepare

NAVAIDS equipment for flight calibration. It can also serve as a training program med for NAVAIDS inspectors for civil Aviation Authorities.

Target group

Engineers and technicians already trained on Basic maintenance of NAVAIDS ( VOR , DME or ILS and would like to refine their skills and knowledge on advance aspects of maintenance of any of the NAVAIDS.

8. Test and Measurements

Course Content

Number systems, introduction to Logic gates, Combinational logic among others.

Duration: 6 weeks, Tuition fees: US $ 500

9. Management and Supervision

Supervisory skills development ,training management and administration , course developers workshop ,training of trainees , presentation skills ,computer operations for managers-level I, computer operations for manager level ii

10. Instructor Development Courses

Middle and Senior Management skills Development, Customer care and management performance Basic instructor for managers –level 11

B. Diploma courses

1. Diploma in Aeronautical Engineering (Avionics)

Duration: 3 years, Tuition ksh 43,000 per term

2. Diploma in Aeronautical Engineering ( Air frames and engines)

Duration: 3 years, Tuition: Ksh 43,000 per term.

3. Diploma in telecommunications engineering

Duration: 3 years, Tuition, ksh 43,000 per term

Entry Requirements

KCSE means grade c+ and grade c + in mathematics, English, Physics or Physical science or equivalent. Bridging certificates from a recognized institution

The courses below are offered in collaboration with Mol University:

1. Diploma in business management 2 years.

2. Diploma in Travel and tour Operations management – 2 years.

3. Diploma in Information Technology -2 years

Entry Requirements

KCSE mean grade C – or equivalent qualifications.

C. Degree Courses

Offered in collaboration with Mol University

Bachelor of business management (aviation option) – It aims to provide a strong foundation for future industry leaders to provide a strong foundation for future industry leaders and empower to successfully meet the challenges of the constantly changing and highly competitive global aviation industry.

Bachelor of Travel and tour Management –It aims at offering insights into the real –world problems facing the travel and tourism industry in general.

. Bachelor in Business management (purchasing and supplies)

. Bachelor of Business management (Human resource)

Entry Requirements

At least C + aggregate with C+ in mathematics and English language in the KCSE or A diploma in Business management / Diploma in tours & Hotel management form a recognized institution.


. Executive Masters in Business Administration (EMBA)

It aims at providing knowledge and skills in business management ; Enriching the students carrier by widening their horizon in the business world and enhancing productivity of practicing manager s through shaper training in their areas of interest.

Entry Requirements

A B bachelor degree or An ATPL /IR license with at least five years working experience. (At least five senior management). Aircraft maintenance engineering with jet license. Airtrafic Controllers with three ratings at least 7 years working experience CPA (K), CPS (K).

1. Diploma in travel and Tourist-Foundation –Level 1 (24 weeks)

2. Diploma in Travel and Tourism – Consult-Level 2 (20 weeks)

3. Diploma in Travel and Tourism –stepping into management –Level 3 (16 weeks)

4. Diploma in Air Cargo Management(24 weeks)

5. Diploma in Dangerous Goods Regulations (20 weeks)

6. Diploma in Air Cargo Rating (16 weeks)

7. Diploma in Airline Line Cabin Crew / Air Hostess –(16 weeks)

8. Diploma in Flight Dispatch ( 26 weeks)

9. Diploma in Air and Passenger Handling( 20 weeks)

10. Diploma in Business Management ( Human resource )

11. Diploma in Business Management ( Purchasing and suppliers)

12. Diploma in Business Management

Entry Requirements

1. Mean grade of C-(Minus) and C-in English. Mathematics except Course No. 8 or equivalent Qualification.

2. Flight Dispatch: Mean grade Cand C in maths, English & Geography or physics.

Kenya is growing very fast in aviation industry thus the need to increase in skills in aviation related courses to be able to meet with the demands. Courses are provided in Kenya at East Africa School of Aviation subsidiary of Kenya Civil Aviation Authority the aviation regulator body in Kenya whereas Soroti is in Uganda a fully financed government aviation training institution which is recognized worldwide in aviation training. Kenya has introduced masters degree in aviation the collaboration of East Africa school of aviation with Moi University Eldoret which aviators can further their knowledge in aviation which will save money for going abroad for the masters.

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