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Emergency, Medical Evacuation And Air Ambulance Flights Kenya, Eastern & Central Africa Print
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Due to poor medical facilities in remote areas, national parks & reserves and war torn areas where there has been political instability and insurance companies have taken the measure of ensuring that they provide a comprehensive service. These services are included in insurance travel and there is need for you to be covered comprehensively including the geographical areas you will be traveling. It is essential when you intend to change your itinerary to inform your insurance company to include the new destination so that incase of emergency it will not be a problem in being airlifted and admitted to a well equipped hospital and if the condition worsens then you can be flown in an air ambulance a broad or to a more advanced and well equipped hospital with doctors who are experts with your condition and suffering.

These services are segmented as below,

Emergency & Medical Evacuation Flights

This is usually essential for organizations operating in war torn areas and anytime war can broke out and thus need to have an emergency evacuation plan for the staff. They can engage an air charter company who will have an aircraft and pilot stand-by incase of such situation. All you need to do engage an aircraft charter company and enter into an agreement that always they should be a stand-by aircraft and crew and also have emergency contacts like cellphones, High Frequency Radio frequency numbers and the contact person when such situation arises. You will also have to know the serviceability and state of the airstrip or airport next to your base so that a suitable aircraft is identified to a void question asking when an emergency flight is supposed to be dispatched as it will be time consuming and it might result to a disaster. In other cases a country at war can declare a state of emergency and order some organization to quit within hours thus the need for an emergency preparedness plan especially when operating in such areas.

Medical Evacuation plan has to be put in order as your base might be invaded at night and your staff are injured and you can only get first-aid and the specialist in may be bullet removal and surgery is miles away then they have to be airlifted thus a need to take a private charter to be able to take them to a well equipped hospital. Some might be not in a position to sit and need a stretcher and even a doctor and nurse on board to give them some treatment before they reach the hospital with experts .There are air charter companies providing this services and they have joined synergies with medical firms to be able to carry this operation professionally and successfully. There is a medical director to take the details of the patients and to establish which medical equipment and medicines to carry and which doctor to assign to this operations.Thereafter he gives the information to the flight operations director the details of the flight that is airport so that a safety decision could be made on which aircraft to deploy for this operations. Once a decision is made and if the airport suggested is unsafe then you are advised on the alternate well in advance to enable you arrange for road transport up to the serviceable airport or airstrip. Before the aircraft is dispatched confirmation of payment will have to be made as payment has to be made before the flight. If an insurance company is paying then the card number with full details to be given and an approval from the insurance company for the flight to be officially finalized.

Air Ambulance Flights

This is a fully equipped hospital in the aircraft which all the essential medical machines, equipment and qualified doctors and nurses are assigned duties and they should be current in Intensive Care Unit procedures and conversant with the patient disease or conditions. This is an aircraft with two pilots who have also undergone emergency training procedures and meet the international standards and are aware of what to do when the doctor instructs them about the patient’s condition whether is to fly low or high. Anyone traveling for business, leisure or on holiday in remote areas, national parks or reserves should obtain the travel insurance including hospitalization as you might not have cash but the card will be accepted from a reputable insurance company. You might be doing a tour by road to Masai Mara then an accident occur you can not rely to use vehicle to driving all the way to Nairobi where there are good hospital like Aga Khan,Mater,Nairobi,Karen,MP Shah among others. Organizations working in war torn countries like Somalia, South Sudan, Darfur, Afghanistan, DR Congo should have emergency preparedness plan as it may happen the war breaks out and the staff is shoot and a bullet is lodged in the chest then there is need for an air ambulance to fly the patient to a good hospital in Kenya, South Africa or abroad. The following equipments are always on board the air ambulance, Reclining Stretcher, Mechanical Ventilator, Cardiac Monitor, Defibrillator, Infusion Pump, Blood Pressure Machine, Laryngoscope and Blades, Vacuum Mattress, Sager Splint, Spinal Board, Scoop Stretcher, Glucometer, Electrical Suction Machine, Medivac Case Bags, Fixed Oxygen Cylinder, Portable Oxygen Cylinder, Diagnostic Set and Hard Cervical Collars. The aircraft used are the Citation Bravo550Jet, Beechcraft 1900 pressurized, Beech craft 200 Super king air 200 pressurized. The Helicopter is used for air ambulance in bushes and on the slope of mountains. There are 24 hours call cent re with high frequency radios, very high frequency radios, mobile phones, satellite phones, landlines, fax and internet facilities which facilitates deployment of an aircraft for air ambulance.

Life saving has become more efficient and reliable in the air other than relying on ground hospital to do so. All the required medical attention can be transferred from ground to air and patients have not to worry when and where he/she is being taken for medical attention.

It doesn’t matter where your patient is as air transport is now offering different types of services such as emergency & medical evacuation flights using turbo props, jets, helicopters which have all the required performance of take off and landing designed for each airstrip.

The air ambulance has made live Anthony Juma is the Editor and Senior Aviation Director at Wings Over Africa Aviation. <br><a href='http://www.wingsoverafrica-aviation.com’> This is an Air Charter Company that specializes on air ambulance& emergency medical evacuation into/out Kenya and Eastern & Central Africa. </a> The website has guided thousands of travelers to achieve their dream holiday. For more information and guidance, visit the site at http://www.wingsoverafrica-aviation.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=60&Itemid=69


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